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homing device #1: CCTV cameras made from electric sockets, second hand security cameras, and metal stand
homing devices_4.jpg
homing devices_5.jpg
homing devices_2.jpg
homing device #2: Total station made from an old switch, and second hand tripod
homing devices_3.jpg
homing device #3: Anti-theft panels made from door handles, foam board, and table legs

          "The compulsive movements I perform are caused by my undiagnosed OCD behavior. A ritual of checking household objects, the ones connecting my home to the public infrastructure. Every day I make sure they are disconnected from the exterior to prevent the fear from the public to enter into the domestic space. Orientating the objects around me, I orient my body to a fixed state. My body gets domesticated, while surveilling spatial conditions and repeating compulsive actions. I step outside, to be domesticated further in the public space. It is kept under surveillance, making sure enforced actions are performed. Just as in my home, I survey my surroundings and repeat conditioned actions. Act of self-surveillance entangles domestic and public space into each other. Devices of home become homing devices, extending from the interior to the exterior. Transforming stove knobs into a total station, electric sockets to CCTV cameras, the door into an anti theft detection panel. Placing themselves on checkpoints, they ensure that the individuals are in line with the order. Citizens are confronted by them, the omnipresence of surveillance mechanisms’ in everyday life. Homing devices hold urban life accountable, causing internal disordering of individuals, from its factors of external ordering."

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